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Lushui Kitchen

Redefining Culinary Excellence

Efficient restaurant kitchens designed with chefs in mind

About Lushui Kitchen

Established in 2000, Lushui Precision Technology Co., Ltd. began producing kitchen and food processing equipment. Committed to enhancing kitchen environments, we've introduced energy-saving equipment and safety enhancements, aiding industry advancement. Our equipment, boasting multiple patents and certifications, is utilized by domestic five-star hotels and catering groups. We aim to improve kitchen efficiency and foster conducive work environments.

Design and Services


Planning and design team

Dimensions measurement computer drawing
3D documentation and picture communication


Coordinated and efficient equipment

Laser sheet metal folding bed welding 
Human-machine training test kitchen


Construction integration

Building interface construction process
Set out assembly test machine teaching


Experience in maintenance

Factory training and customer communication
Open all year round, covering all of Taiwan

Food Processing Products

Advanced Lushui kitchen equipment brings customers substantial benefits in automation and energy saving, and will reduce many work processes and improve work efficiency. In this era of advocating green energy, our equipment keeps pace with the times and reduces unnecessary energy consumption for customers.


Certifications and Milestones

2000 | Lushui Precision Technology established.

2011 | Introduced TRUMPF laser cutting and AMADA bending.

2011 | Developed commercial kitchen equipment.

2014 | Improved steam rack for energy-saving.

2015 | Enhanced structure for temperature-controlled cabinets.

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Gourmet Producer
Lushui Kitchen

Provide equipment sales, kitchen planning, design and project execution for large commercial kitchens and small and medium-sized restaurants!

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