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About Us

Since 1990, Chuang Ting Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer specializing in top-tier MIT once-through steam boilers and pressure vessels, addressing diverse industry thermal energy requirements. Our unwavering commitment to efficiency, safety, and quality is underscored by our stringent quality management practices. We initiated IS-9002 implementation in June 1998, followed by SGS international certification in January 1999.

Additionally, in January 2000, we secured China's import boiler pressure vessel safety license, affirming our adherence to stringent safety standards. Since 2008, we've continuously invested in research and development to enhance our design and manufacturing capabilities. This dedication culminated in the acquisition of boiler (S) and pressure vessel (U) certifications from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) in 2009.

Chuang Ting prioritizes customer satisfaction, delivering exceptional products and services, and actively contributes to shaping a sustainable future in the industry.



Dear Esteemed Friends,

I am thrilled to announce the exciting partnership between Chuang Ting Boiler and Japan's NTEC, a collaboration that brings together our three decades of local expertise with NTEC's renowned eco-friendly boiler solutions. With a shared commitment to sustainability and excellence, we are poised to introduce, distribute, and maintain NTEC's cutting-edge products in Taiwan. This partnership not only signifies a new chapter in our journey but also underscores our dedication to providing top-notch products and service while advancing sustainable energy solutions in Taiwan. We sincerely thank you for your continued support and look forward to a future of innovation and success together.

Warm regards,
Chuang Zheng Xiong

Chuang Ting Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Steam Boiler Features

Chuang Ting Boiler emphasizes saving costs, energy and space, and has advanced human-machine control systems and Internet monitoring functions to simplify work processes, reduce labor costs, and free up work space. Adopting digital pressure and frequency conversion control system, six-stage combustion position control fuel. Using Chuang Ting boilers can save 20% energy and 30% electricity bills, and increase the efficiency to more than 96%. It is the leading choice in Taiwan, providing excellent performance and savings advantages.


Tank Durability

The water pipe material of the strong boiler tank is made of STB (JIS3461) carbon steel pipe with a unique fin design to improve heat transfer efficiency.

Zhuangding boiler ultra-high efficiency

 Boiler Efficiency 90%~96%

The excellent furnace body structure and air-fuel ratio enable complete combustion to improve boiler efficiency. It is quick to start and generate steam in 3-5 minutes, which can save fuel consumption and time during heating.


99% Steam Dryness

High-performance steam-water separator improves heat exchange efficiency and steam dryness can reach over 99%.


Separate Burner

Separate burner design facilitates maintenance and disassembly.


Top Feature 

Color Touchscreen Interface

The full series of boilers are equipped with color human-machine interfaces, and humanized interface controls are convenient for customers to use. Our human-machine control system is the leading company in Taiwan.


Energy & Carbon Reduction 

Small size, new dense fins and excellent efficiency can save 5-10% of fuel costs. The maximum efficiency of the boiler with an economizer can reach 96%.


Automatic Discharge 

When the boiler is in operation, when the conductivity of the boiler water increases to 3500, it will be automatically discharged to prevent azeotropy of steam and water to save fuel (OT-1000 and above models).


Remote Monitoring

The safety device is equipped with combustion, steam pressure and water level abnormality protection and control, as well as abnormal light indication and complete after-sales service. There are original factory certified service units throughout the province.

Chuang Ting provides high-quality MIT once-through boilers and kitchen equipment renowned for their compact size, easy installation, and intuitive control interface. With a leading position in Taiwan's boiler market, we offer professional maintenance and safety warranties, ensuring reliable long-term operation. Choose Chuang Ting for confidence in your equipment.


Certifications and Milestones

1990 | Chuang Ting Enterprise Co., Ltd. founded.
1994 | Kaohsiung plant established.
1994 | Developed once-through boilers.
1998 | ISO-9002 quality assurance system.
1999 | SGS certification.
2000 | Boiler license from Ministry of Labor.
2009 | Boiler certification from ASME.
2011 | Lushui Precision Tech Co., Ltd. founded.
2011 | Introduced TRUMPF and AMADA.
2011 | Developed food processing machineries.
2014 | Developed color human-machine interface.
2022 | Acquired ultra-high-power laser cut.
2023 | Collaborated with NTEC for Taiwan market.


Taiwan Distributors

Contact Us

Kaohsiung Headquarters  

📍 No. 3, Dayou 4th Street, Daliao District, Kaohsiung City, 831

Taipei Office 

📍 No. 14, Xiwei Street, Sanchong District, New Taipei City, 241

📠|+886 7787 2243

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