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Steam Boiler Troubleshooting Guide: 7 Most Common Problems

The world of steam boilers is like a journey full of challenges, and you may encounter some problems occasionally. But don't worry, we will take you to explore these problems and provide solutions in an interesting way to make your steam boiler journey smoother!

Question 1: What should I do when the water level in the boiler is low?

🔥Solution: Low water level in the boiler is a serious problem. If it is not handled, it may cause the boiler to explode. When the low water level in the boiler is found, the boiler should be stopped immediately, and then the water supply system should be checked for normal operation, and the water level should be adjusted to add enough water to ensure safe operation.

Question 2: What should I do when the water level in the boiler is high?

🔥Solution: A high water level in the boiler is also a dangerous signal and may lead to a serious boiler accident. When a high water level in the boiler is found, the water supply should be stopped immediately and the drain valve should be opened to drain excess water until the water level returns to the normal range.

Question 3: What should I do if the liquid level control is abnormal?

🔥Solution: When the liquid level control is abnormal, it may cause the boiler water level to be unstable, which in turn affects the operating efficiency and safety of the boiler. The liquid level control equipment should be checked immediately for normal operation and corresponding adjustments and repairs should be made.

Question 4: When does the boiler discharge the boiler water?

🔥Solution: Boiler water discharge is usually carried out during the operation of the boiler to remove dirt and impurities in the boiler and ensure the normal operation of the boiler. The best time to discharge is when the boiler load is low or the boiler is shut down to reduce energy loss.

Question 5: What should I do if the boiler shows no combustion?

🔥Solution: The boiler showing no combustion may be caused by a gas supply interruption or burner failure. The gas supply should be checked for normality, and the burner parts should be cleaned or replaced to ensure a normal combustion process.

Question 6: How to deal with gas abnormalities?

🔥Solution: Gas abnormalities may cause safety hazards and boiler operation problems. The gas supply should be stopped immediately, the abnormalities in the gas pipeline should be eliminated, and necessary repairs and inspections should be carried out to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

Question 7: How to deal with feed water motor abnormalities?

🔥Solution: When a feed water motor is abnormal, it may cause the equipment to shut down or operate abnormally. The motor should be checked for damage or overheating, and necessary repairs or replacements should be made to restore normal operation of the equipment.

These problems and solutions provide you with valuable knowledge to deal with steam boiler failures, allowing you to respond quickly when you encounter problems and ensure the safe operation and productivity of the boiler. Remember, stay calm and follow the correct procedures. If you cannot solve the problem, immediately contact the Chuang Ting Boiler Customer Service Center for assistance.

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