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What types of industrial boilers can be classified into?

Boiler systems in the industrial world can be said to be very diligent in their work. They are generally steam boilers, and the steam produced by these boilers is by no means only used for direct or indirect heating in the process. High-pressure steam can also play a role in the symbiosis of steam and electricity. Even in thermal power generation, it can silently drive turbines and other motive forces to create the miracle of electricity. In addition, those familiarly called heat media boilers often play an important heating role in factories. As for these industrial boilers, they can also be divided into several categories: water tube type, smoke tube type, hot coal type, hot water type, and cross-flow type.

Zhuangding cross-flow steam boiler

Water tube boiler

Speaking of water tube boilers, they are those who allow the boiler water to flow between the tubes. When the gas passes through a raging fire in the combustion chamber, the water is instantly transformed into steam through the friendly heat transfer of the outer wall of the water tube. In China, the existence rate of water tube boilers is about 15% to 20%. It is most suitable for applications with high steam pressure (above 15 kg/cm2), and the efficiency is between 82% and 93%. The main jobs are in the paper industry, textile industry, and reaction processes in the chemical industry.

Smoke tube boiler

Speaking of smoke tube boilers, the main body of these guys is roughly a furnace barrel with a considerable diameter, with the furnace barrel, fire chamber, and those smoke tubes in its belly. However, this kind of boiler does not have the ability to withstand high pressure, and the limitations of the furnace barrel also make it difficult for the heat transfer area to have a large evaporation capacity. Its comfortable working range is below 15 tons/hour, the steam pressure is between 3 and 15 kg/cm2, and the efficiency is 84% to 93%. Speaking of the main work content, it includes sterilization and disinfection in the food industry, sizing and dyeing and finishing in the textile industry, iron filling disinfection in the steel industry, cleaning in the power electronics industry, and process heating in the chemical industry.

Heat medium boiler

Heating media boiler, this is a "high temperature and low pressure" heating expert. The heat source is all organic heating media (liquid oil). After high-temperature private heating in the boiler, these heat media are transported to the on-site process heat exchanger by means of high-temperature and high-pressure pumps, where the heat energy is sent out and then returned to the furnace, achieving the dream of circulating heating. Thermal oil and water have very different personalities. They have low saturation temperature but can continuously provide high-temperature heat energy. However, the pressure of heat media boilers is far inferior to that of steam boilers. For those manufacturers who only want to work at high temperatures, they are really an energy-saving friend. This heat media boiler has an efficiency between 75% and 90% (depending on the heat recovery status) in situations where fixed temperature and high temperature are required (low pressure). Its main workplaces include setting machines in the dyeing and finishing industry, polymerization in the chemical fiber industry, and process heating in the chemical industry.

Hot water boiler

Hot water boilers are like heating ambassadors in the industry, relying on gas or electricity to provide support for heating and hot water in buildings. Its components include the combustion chamber, heat exchanger, and control system. Gas or electric energy is burned in the combustion chamber to produce high-temperature flue gas. These flue gases get acquainted with water in the heat exchanger, starting a warm and passionate conversation and making the water boiling hot. This hot water then flows through pipes to the heating system or faucets, bringing infinite comfort to people. This hot water boiler has many advantages: high efficiency, instant heating, and energy saving. It is a good partner widely used in residential, commercial and industrial places. It only heats water without producing a trace of steam, keeping the temperature between 60 and 70°C. This principle can be said to be the same as that of household water heaters. It is widely used in hotels, hospitals, heated swimming pools, SPA pools, etc. It can also be used in factories if only hot water is needed instead of steam.

Tubular boiler

The principle of a tubular boiler is similar to that of a water tube boiler. Its operation is to use boiler water to flow in the pipeline. After the gas is burned in the combustion chamber, it passes through the outer wall of the water tube and transfers heat to the water in the tube to heat it into steam. The compact tubular boiler is a type of water tube boiler, and the evaporation pressure can also be very high. Since the tubular boiler has no steam drum, its volume is quite small, and the furnace heating time usually only takes ten minutes. However, it cannot cope with the sudden large demand for steam. However, the tubular boiler has a small and compact furnace body, easy assembly and steam supply start-up. Therefore, with the addition of heat recovery devices, improved water quality treatment methods and the advancement of automatic control instruments in recent years, it has been widely used in small and medium-sized factories and residential and commercial sector businesses. It is one of the most economical and practical boilers. The capacity is less than 2T/hour, and it is mainly used in food factories, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, schools, gyms, and the textile industry.

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